Calgary Stampede


Artist Ranch Project 2014

Wanda Ellerbeck

Wanda’s artistic practice has spanned over a life time  and has covered the disciplines of painting, drawing and sculpture. Before her engagement with visual arts she was involved with Dance and the performing arts.

She attained a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Canada and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Alberta College of Art and Design. During her studies she was fortunate to work with artists from the USA and Europe, as well as Canada.

Wanda has an extensive Canadian wide exhibition record and has taught drawing, painting and sculpture in post secondary institutions in Halifax, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver for over 10 years.

She states:
“I love the teaching aspect of my practice and have great enthusiasm for beginners as well as those who are more adept. My focus has been to facilitate the creativity in students and offer the skills needed to fulfill their creative efforts and visions.”

Presently she lives and works in Canmore, Alberta . Here she is actively engaged in the local art community as well as teaching adult classes in drawing and painting and sculpture. As an industry leader in decorative concrete Wanda was instrumental in the development and growth of interior concrete in western Canada incorporating art into a new functional form. After 14 years she has found herself working back into the deeper meanings and paths of art and is actively pursuing this through sculpture, drawing and painting.

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