Calgary Stampede


Artist Ranch Project 2017

Jillaine Jurchuk

Jillaine Jurchuk was born and raised in rural ON. (Canada). After graduating from interior design in 1999, she moved to Calgary AB. where she currently lives and works as an artist.

Being in the interior design field for over 17 years, it wasn’t until late 2011 that she emerged herself into the art scene as an artist and has already created a unique style and name for herself. The beauty in the artist’s pieces explores the worlds of photography and painting. Each piece is started from an original photograph that has captured the pure moment of Mother Nature’s spontaneity which is then combined with multiple painting techniques and photographic layers to enhance the wide ranges of depths, tones, and textures found within each piece. The combination of nature and technology provides the artist with an open palette and endless possibilities of making each piece unique from the other.

Jillaine is also a huge supporter of making a positive impact in the world. Not only does she donate pieces and/or her time to various organizations and committees, she also takes a percentage from pieces sold and donates to the charity/fundraiser that touches her heart for that year.

Currently her work graces the walls of many private and corporate collections throughout Canada, US, Europe and New Zealand.

Artist Statement
It is my belief that beauty, along with the gift of giving, is an authentic human want for a happy and healthy life. With that intent in mind, I passionately bring forth pieces that further challenge the opening of our eyes to the limitless possibilities that surround us each and every day while leaving a legacy.

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