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Aron Hill

Aron Hill currently lives and works in Calgary, Alberta. He graduated from Alberta College of Art and Design in 2000 with a BFA in Interdisciplinary studies. He then completed his MFA at Goldsmiths College, University of London. His work there evolved into installation based projects using traditional drawing and painting methods alongside formal sculptural elements, large format photography and text based work. He has recently been focused on more formalist type paintings that recall aspects of minimalism and color field paintings though with references to the figure throughout. He finds conceptual company in the late Modernist paintings produced particularly in Canada. The choice of a restricted medium, acrylic ink washes on prepared raw canvas, forces restraint. The work's graphic nature relies on the sheer flatness this medium produces. Aron has exhibited internationally, occasionally lectures, and writes.

He currently exhibits with Christine Klassen Gallery in Calgary and Oeno Gallery in Ontario.

  • 2006 MFA, Master of Fine Arts, Goldsmiths College, University of London
  • 2000 BFA, Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interdisciplinary Studies) Alberta College of Art and Design
Selected Exhibitions
  • 2017 - Colour Break, Prince Edward County, ON
  • 2016 - Echo, Oeno Gallery, Prince Edward County, ON
    Chroma, Christine Klassen Gallery, Calgary, AB
  • 2013 - A Reading Room, The Art Gallery of Calgary, AB
  • 2009 - Taste the World & Digest It, Newzones, Calgary, AB
  • 2008 - Foreground.Background, Elementa Modern Art, Dubai, UE
  • 2007 - Colony, The Weiss Gallery, Calgary. AB
    Unnatural Response, Art Gallery of Calgary, AB
  • 2006 - Birds in Opposition: A Natural History, Jennifer Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver, BC
  • 2005 - New Work, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, AB
  • 2004 - Combustible, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, AB
  • 2002 - Out Reach, Van Alen Institute, New York, NY
    LOVELAND, Jennifer Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver, BC
  • 2001 - Zippity Zip, Jennifer Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver, BC
  • 2000 - Inheritance, AV Gallery, Vancouver, BC
  • 1998 - Exchange Exhibition, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB
    New Work, Marion Nickel Gallery, Calgary, AB
  • 1997 - Reproduction, The Stride Gallery, Calgary, AB
    New Work, Studio 114, Calgary, AB

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