Calgary Stampede


Artist Ranch Project 2018

Sarabeth Carnet

"Being a born and bred Calgarian, I have a deep emotional connection to Alberta’s countryside. From our cotton candy sunrises to our burnt sunsets, the sky and mountain views are one of our most treasured resources. I am often in a state of awe and wonder at the incredible beauty this light and landscape offer.

In this body of work I am using metal painting to explore the light, texture, and colour of the western landscape."

Sarabeth Carnat was born in Calgary & her family have a long and detailed history of community activity & participation in this city. She studied in Canada, Israel & the U.S. Her forty-nine year span in the field of Jewellery and Metals includes over thirty years of teaching and committed contribution to the Alberta College of Art + Design. Sarabeth retired from ACAD in 2014 devote more time to her practice.

She likes to explore extreme ranges of scale in her work to address beauty, comfort, colour and relationships.Her practice includes one of a kind, production and conceptual jewellery, anodized aluminum objects, and metal painting.

Alberta sky and landscape are one of our infinite resources. The quality of light varies with the season and time of day. I am often in a state of awe and wonder at the incredible beauty this light offers.

Metal painting consists of texturing the metal, applying silver to the copper base with heat, removing the excess and rolling and stretching the metal. They melt together “fusing” forming a new eutectic alloy. With progressive heating, rolling, and applying a variety of techniques I develop varied images.

I have used this technique to explore the quality of light and texture of sky and landscape.

Sarabeth has received provincial, national & international recognition for her work. Her work is in private & public collections including the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. She is currently represented by the Alberta Craft Council in both Calgary and Edmonton and by the Blackboard Gallery in Calgary.

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