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Past Winners

2017 Section Winners

Gina Brown Award
Jocelyne Kurc

Theme - Canada 150
Courtney Hunt

Cakes & Sugar Art

Marian Madsen

Decorative Handmade Art
Susan Hertz

Jim Little

Functional Handmade Art
Lisa Schwartz

Sean McLean

Knitting & Crochet
Genna Sarro

Needlework & Stitchery
Aurore Kurc

Ellany Maeh

Ana Buzzalino


2016 Section Winners

Gina Brown Award
Marlene van Berkel
Calgary, AB

Cakes & Sugar Art
Lynette Oosthuizen
Calgary, AB

Decorative Handmade Art
Darrell Wilson
Calgary, AB

Patricia Tavernier
Calgary, AB

Functional Handmade Art
John Smythe
Olds, AB

Horseshoe Theme
Leah Donald
Calgary, AB

Kyanna Wilkinson
Cochrane, AB

Knitting & Crochet
Yulia Vysochina
Calgary, AB

Needlework & Stitchery
Maureen Grobler
Calgary, AB

Leanne Lorenzen
Priddis, AB

Krista McIntosh
Calgary, AB

2015 Section Winners

Gina Brown Award
Jennifer Johnson
Calgary, AB

Assorted Handicrafts
Sheri Surkon
Calgary, AB

Ceramics & Decorative Painting
Marion Hinch
Calgary, AB

Crocheting & Tatting
Janet Astle
Calgary, AB

Dolls & Toys
Doreen Harrold
Airdrie, AB

Eco Art
Bo Eskesen
Okotoks, AB

Framed Drawings
Pat Burchnall
Calgary, AB

Framed Paintings
Anna Hall
Calgary, AB

Ellery Donald
Calgary, AB

Jen Fisher
Calgary, AB

Needlework & Stitchery
Maureen Grobler
Okotoks, AB

Paper Crafts & Calligraphy
Thea Paul
Calgary, AB

Krista McIntosh
Calgary, AB

Rugs & Weaving
Sharon Johnston
Calgary, AB

Sugar Art & Cake Decorating
Bo Hons
Calgary, AB

Joe van Keulen
Strathmore, AB

2014 Section Winners

Gina Brown Award - Patricia Hogarth
Assorted Handicrafts - Arnold Stinner
Ceramics & Decorative Painting - Marion Hinch
Crocheting & Tatting - Sharon Berling
Dolls & Toys - Marianne Bene
Eco Art - Helene Wetter
Framed Drawings - Diane Ramsey
Framed Paintings - Ellen Binns Dang
Junior - Kieran Osborn
Knitting - Tamara Ell
Needlework & Stitchery - Amanda Baxter
Paper Crafts & Calligraphy - George Huitema
Quilting - Shirley Hauck
Rugs & Weaving - Jody Madsen
Sugar Art & Cake Decorating - Lesi Lambert
Woodworking - Terry Golbeck

2013 Section Winners

Gina Brown Award - Shirley Davis
Assorted Handicrafts - John Senz
Ceramics and Decorative Painting - William Beadle
Crocheting and Tatting - Jane Bendik
Dolls and Toys - Grovenore Flato
Eco Art - Susann Lagore
Framed Drawings - Mariko Johnson
Framed Paintings - Tom Childrey
Junior - Sydney Yee
Knitting - Tamara Ell
Needlework and Stitchery - Barb Atkinson
Paper Crafts and Calligraphy - Thea Paul
Quilting - Orysia Wasyleczko
Rugs and Weaving - Sharon Johnston
Sugar Art and Cake Decorating - Stacy Coderre
Woodworking - John Smythe

2012 Section Winners

Assorted Handicrafts - Pia Brown
Calligraphy – Kerri Forster
Ceramics & Decorative Painting – Sylvia Goertz
Crocheting & Tatting – Amanda Speers
Dolls & Toys – Kathleen Yeoman-Bell
Eco Art – Theresa Fransoo
Framed Paintings & Drawings – Shannon Ford
Junior – Danielle Hudye
Knitting – Kortney Robinson
Needlework & Stitchery – Beverly Daw
Papercrafts – John Hausberg
Quilts – Leslie Cyr
Rugs & Weaving – Sharon Johnston
Sewing – Patricia Hogarth
Sugar Art & Cake Decorating – Denise Kervin
Woodworking – Joe Van Kuelen

2011 Section Winners

Assorted Handicrafts -Lee Michele Boyle
Calligraphy -Peggy Robinson
Ceramics & Decorative Painting- Lee Michele Boyle
Crochet & Tatting - Alana Marchetto
Dolls & Toys - Lillian Olson
EcoArt - Tommy Fleger
Juniors - Alena Terlecki
Knitting - Orysia Wasyleczko
Needlework - Lois Chamberlain
Framed Paintings  & Drawings- Candy Rasmussen
Papercrafts - Evelyn Grant
Quilts - Grovenore Flato
Rugs & Weaving - Dianne Harvey
Sewing - Patricia Hogarth
Sugar Art & Cake Decorating - Heather McGrath
Woodworking -Terry Golbeck

The 2013 Winner of the Gina Brown Award
Shirley Davis

Wall of Champions
In honour of the Calgary Stampede's 100th Anniversary, The Creative Arts & Crafts committee is pleased to present the Wall of Champions. This exhibition is open to an exhibitor who received a first in the same Open Division Section for four years. The years do not have to be consecutive. Class winners are not eligible, only section winners. The year after their fourth section win, the exhibitor will be inducted in to the "Wall of Champions". Along with their section awards, a champion ribbon and trophy will be awarded. Their picture will be taken with their winning entry and will hang yearly on the "Wall of Champions" starting the year after their fourth win. They will no longer be eligible to enter the section they have won but will receive an invitation to enter one article relating to the section to be displayed with their picture. Our calculations will be begin with the 2011 winners.


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